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        At Healer Nazir’s Acuheal clinic, we believe that it is vital to provide 100% confidential care for Male and  female sexual health care. This encourages access to quality care and promotes open discussions about topics that may affect their overall health and well-being.

what is Sexual dysfunction?

        Sexual dysfunction takes place without difficulty. that’s one of the motives it’s so not unusual. The components for precise intercourse is having a thoughts and body which are in sync. bodily and mental fitness each have a function to play.

        Your coronary heart, lungs, muscle mass, hormones, and intercourse organs all have a position. and then there may be our mind, is largest sexual organ, one superb take a look at found that 3 different components of the brain (the medial frontal gyrus, right inferior frontal gyrus, and bilateral putamen) play a essential function in our sexual reaction as every functioned in another way in ladies with low libido as opposed to people with regular sex power.

         Sexual disorder also can have causes that aren’t connected to underlying disorder but related to pressure, alcohol consumption, and drug use. Sexual dysfunction or Sexual ailment.


causes of Sexual disorder in men

most folks recognize the James Bond instance of masculinity: constantly geared up, willing, and capable of get it on. but any man can revel in sexual ailment for a selection of motives. Erectile disorder or ED It’s all structures cross for intercourse, however your penis isn’t cooperating with an erection. this is very not unusual studies say anywhere from 10% to 70% of fellows revel in ED at some point.

      The issue is resulting from reduced blood float to the penis, way to medicinal drug or a cardiovascular difficulty, among other elements.
untimely ejaculation Climaxing sooner than you’d like in the course of intercourse impacts 30% to 40% of guys and often both physical and mental factors are at paintings. behind schedule Ejaculation The contrary trouble. Orgasm calls for extended stimulation and can also be attributed to a combination of physical and mental elements.

         Male Hypoactive Sexual preference disorder Or low libido is while your choice fizzles. “It has a tendency to be more common in midlife and older men,” says Arthur Burnett, MD, a professor of urology on the Johns Hopkins college of medication in Baltimore, Maryland. a few health troubles associated with ageing (diabetes, weight problems) can reduce testosterone, a key hormone in sexuality. Substance/medication-prompted Sexual sickness It commonly arise while eating alcohol or remedy.

Nazir’s acuheal proved as best Traditional Acupuncture Centre to treat men sexual disfunctions like:

cupuncture for Erection Dysfunction

Acupuncture for Premature ejaculate

Low libido or decreased interest in sexual activity


Reasons of Sexual dysfunction in women

          It’s important to note one main misconception here: that it’s all emotional. “opposite to popular perception, for the huge majority of girls who’ve ache with intercourse or sexual ailment, it starts with a bodily hassle that leads to fear, fear, anger, and grief,”  “We tend to method this as though the problem starts n her head, but this is simply now not the case.”

           For ladies, sexual troubles fall into camps woman Sexual hobby/Arousal ailment also referred to as hypoactive sexual preference disease (or HSDD). It’s that “thank you, however no thank you” feeling approximately intercourse perhaps the concept is as engaging as cleaning the bathroom, or maybe you do crave intimacy, but your body isn’t responsive.

           It’s a complex but excellent-not unusual trouble, with almost one in every four a long time 18 to fifty nine pronouncing they’ve lost interest in intercourse. Exhaustion, strain, dating troubles, and hormonal shifts all come into play .lady Orgasmic sickness Impacting up to forty two% of girls in some unspecified time in the future, it refers to a postpone, incapability, or unsatisfying climax. 

A number of different lady sexual troubles and Treatment providing by our Traditional Acupuncture Centre are :

Acupuncture Treatment for Anorgasmia/ No Interest
Acupuncture treatment for Pain during sex.

Acupuncture for Hypersexual Problems

Treatment for Orgasmic Meditation


Is that medications motive Sexual Dysfunctions and disorders?

          Yes, a number of the below referred to drugs motive sexual disorder in male and lady, however It’s first rate frustrating that the very medicinal drugs we take to sense higher can make contributions to sexual issues. most of the maximum common: excessive Blood strain Meds Can reduce blood float to the penis, making it more difficult to attain an erection. They can also decrease testosterone and intercourse drive.

       Antidepressants (SSRIs )are acknowledged to decrease libido, make it difficult to become aroused, maintain that feeling, and climax. these signs are more commonplace with age. Antipsychotics research suggests antipsychotic tablets or  medication are treasured medicines,  however sexual dysfunction is a common side impact impacting as much as eighty% of sufferers.

         Ant androgen pills Ant androgen pills are designed to interfere with testosterone as a treatment for prostate cancer. As you may bet, they can lessen sexual function. If those or other medicines are affecting your intercourse life, talk to your medical doctor approximately what you’re experiencing. oftentimes there are different options that could minimize or maybe cast off sexual disorder.


When have to We ask expert assist for Sexual Dysfunctions and disorders?

         If you began feeling tightness for your chest, you’d searching for help. The identical must keep genuine to your sex existence.
If it’s been a supply of ache and frustration for some months, take a look at together with your GP about scheduling a go to or getting a referral to a urologist or an Ob/Gyn who’s educated in sexual problems. once a certified medical doctor has taken your records and performed an examination, they might advocate checks (to check hormone degrees), remedy, or speak me with a sexual disorder therapist.

        “The mind and body are entwined, an integrative sexual health, even if remedy gets rid of, as an instance, continual ache with sex, you can nonetheless have patterns in your courting that emerged while you were experiencing the ache. remedy allow you to iron out the ones issues. ”everyday remedies following: medicinal drug You’ve in all likelihood visible ads for ED meds like Viagra. 

         Those paintings by means of growing blood float to the penis which aids in firmness to allow for sex. medicinal drugs can assist women, too. each the lady (estrogen) and male (testosterone) sex hormones can help improve desire or arousal, and there are also manufacturers like Addyi and Vyleesi that treat low sexual choice in premenopausal women.
         Vacuum tubes located over the penis, hand- or battery-powered pumps to reap an erection, and penile implants (which require surgical operation) can all enhance or resolve ED. For women experiencing pain, dilators (tube-formed devices inserted to softly stretch vaginal tissue) are beneficial, and vibrators can play a function in improving arousal and orgasm.

conventional Acupuncture for girl and Male sexual troubles:


Nazir’s acuheal conventional Acupuncture Clinic Sr. Traditional Acupuncturist Nazir knows, each male and lady ask this query is, Can acupuncture increase sexual choice?

       Acupuncture is an historical Chinese medical practice used for plenty centuries as a herbal answer to enhance your sex force. Nazirs  acuheal  traditionally  acupuncture clinic is increasingly an carried out treatment for sever a sexual fitness situations, it’s emerge as a popular, natural treatment for enhancing libido with out facet consequences.

         A recent take a look at has shown that acupuncture can help growth girl libido, arousal, reduce pain in the course of intercourse, and improve sexual desire and arousal. those symptoms blended are called female sexual disorder (FSD) which is a common circumstance  that impacts about 4 out of 10 women. it may emerge as a giant burden in a single’s life and relationships but it’s miles regularly difficult to talk about the problem.

       Healer Nazir has treated successfully along with his traditional acupuncture with so many ladies with FSD record pain in the course of sexual intercourse, decreased sense of arousal, and issue achieving orgasm. there are many reasons of lady sexual dysfunction. Overactive pelvic floor muscle groups and pelvic pain can contribute to girl sexual disorder. moreover, women who’re drawing close menopause can be at expanded chance for FSD.

          Healer Nazir will percentage how acupuncture works to improve sexual function, provide an explanation for the scientific studies that proves it really works, and also how his traditional pulse diagnosis is familiar with and addresses this problem.
Acupuncture is a herbal treatment to help lady sexual dysfunction. it works by using bringing stability to the body and regulating hormone stages, as well as enjoyable the body.

       Acupuncture corrects imbalances inside the body, boosts the frame’s Qi (power), and balances Yin and Yang. Nazir’s  acuheal Traditional Acupuncture has additionally been proven to assist with enhancing fertility via normalizing hormone levels and regulating ovulation. Acupuncture can also assist women deal with menopausal signs, along with warm flashes and night time sweats.


Confidential and Safe Sexual Treatment process: for Male and Femal   

       Sr. conventional Acupuncturist Nazir imparting the very best nice Acupuncture care tailor-made to your sexual wishes.
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